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Παλιά 03-09-09, 16:29   #11 Αρχή
Το avatar του χρήστη pastoula
Εγγραφή: 27-01-2008
Περιοχή: Σεϊχέλες
Ηλικία: 44
Μηνύματα: 8.379

kanenas idiaiteros logos, mhn fantasteis.

Fantazomai oti einai sxolio gia to morfwtiko epipedo twn amerikanwn stratiotwn!

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Παλιά 03-09-09, 16:53   #12 Αρχή
Το avatar του χρήστη md1032
Εγγραφή: 07-09-2006
Περιοχή: Μούχλας & Σαπίλας γωνία
Ηλικία: 41
Μηνύματα: 2.939
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o ellinikos einai epitides lathos gia na simbadizei me ton aggliko.
o agglikos:

Tarantino commented on "The Late Show" that Inglourious Basterds is the "Tarantino way of spelling it," but he hasn't commented on where the idea for the misspelling arose, nor is he likely to. "I'm never going to explain that," Tarantino was quoted at the Cannes Film Festival (Source: here). Three theories have been offered by viewers. (1) Basterd may be derived from the word Baster, a word derived from Dutch bastaard (bastard). The original Basters were mainly persons of mixed descent between the Cape Colony Dutch and indigenous African women who at one time would have been absorbed in the white community. In the movie, the Basterds are American/Jewish, and their plan was very similar...to be "civilians absorbed" in France, walking among the Nazis. (2) The misspelling may connote that Lt Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt), who grew up in a family of backwoods bootleggers and moonshiners, has had little in the way of schooling. The words are briefly shown in their misspelled form on his rifle. (3) Tarantino misspelled the title on the cover of the script, which then leaked onto the internet before production began. Rather than admit his mistake, Tarantino chose to maintain the spelling. More on this theory here.

A pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist

The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.

The more things change, the more they stay the same...

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